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Actipack Industry Sdn Bhd (1072292-P)
Actipack Industry Sdn Bhd is principally engaged in supply industry products. We are registered as GST Companies.
We provide specialized products in all categories and our activities are mainly located in Klang Valley and within Malaysia.   
The company supply in Industrial Consumer Products, Industrial Packaging Products, Industrial Safety Products, Industrial Hardware Products, Printing, Signage etc.
Specialist in cotton rags, stretch film,machine roll,baby rolls,cotton hand gloves, face mask, tape in Malaysia.
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Actipack Industry Sdn Bhd
The incorporation of Actipack Industry Sdn Bhd allow to take the full advantage of the resilient economy of Malaysia , especially in conducting businesses with the manufacturing companies.
 Actipack Industry Sdn Bhd in motivated to deliver not only quality materials but also quality services. The company’s centralized operation and own fleet of transportation have won continuous support and business from its ever growing customer base. As a result, Actipack Industry Sdn Bhd is able to expand further into more Industrial Product Categories.