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Stretch Film
strecth film malaysia actipack
Stretch Film
Machine Rolls, manual rolls & baby rolls is available.
Good Strength
Good strengthness, can be wrap for heavy duty product and etc
Custom made is available for any size of stretch film
Micron Thickness: 14microns,23microns
Strength:200% & 300%
Custom Made Weights
Available weight 
-minimum 200 grams for baby rolls to 15kg machine rolls/stretch film and other weight will be available

Sewing Cotton Rags/Cotton Loose

We are carrying variety types of cotton rags.
Types of cotton cleaning rags as follow.
-Stitched Colour
-Stitched White
-Loose Colour
-Loose White

Corrugated Paper Rolls

Supplying for single face paper rolls/corrugated paper rolls with any size required.

Air bubble Pack

Supplying for high quality air bubble wrap / air bubble pack in rolls.

PE Foam

Supplying high quality PE Foam in a rolls. 
Face Mask/N95 Mask
Supplying 3 Ply Face Mask
-50pcs per box
Supplying N95 Mask
Adhesive Tapes
Filament Tape
Double Side Tissues Tape
Masking Tape
Opp Transparent Tape/Brown Tape
Cellophane Tape
Double Side Foam Tape
Cloth Tape
PP Stapping Band
Steel Strapping band
Thread Sealing Tape
LDPE Plastic Bag     (Any size)
Cable Ties
(Black & White)
Rafia String
Carton Staples
Industrial Hand Gloves
Nitre Gloves
Nylon Gloves
Comfort Gloves
Cotton hand glove
-Grade BB104
-Grade B104
-Grade A105
Leather Gloves
Latex Gloves
Button Hand Gloves

Chemical Industrial Product

Dunlop Glue
Glue 502
MEK Solvent
Spray Grease (High Temperature Lubrication)
Hot Melt Glue Stick
Safety Products
Safety Helmet
Cloth Apron
Leather Apron
Ear Muff
Leather Shoes
Safety Shoes

Industrial Fans/Pallet Truck/Canvas

Industrial Stand Fans
Pallet Truck
PP Canvas
Plastic Cover